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Here comes the short questions and answer ebook for Microsoft Access. You are welcome to download it!

Is this for me?

When creating this ebook It was intended for those who has started to learn Ms-Access. It serves your purpose if you are studying Secondary Level Computer Science or preparing Computer Operator Exam and also for Assistant Computer Operator Exam. It helps to grasp the concept and get familiar with the terminologies of Ms-Access.

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1. What is Database Management System (DBMS)? 1
2. What do you mean by data processing? 1
3. List some database applications. 1
4. What is MS-Access? 1
5. What is Database? 1
6. What is the extension of Access database file? 1
7. What is relational database? 2
8. What is a key field? 2
9. What is primary key? 2
10. What do you mean by foreign key? 2
11. What are the elements of a database? 2
12. What is a table? 2
13. What is a field? 3
14. What is a record? 3
15. What is a query? 3
16. What is a form? 4
17. What is a report? 4
18. What are the differences between a form and a report? 4
19. What is a macro? 4
20. What is a module? 4
21. What are the different Number field types in Access? 5
22. What do you mean by data processing? 5
23. What are the ten field types in Access? 5
24. What are the two types of data processing techniques? 6
25. What is batch processing or offline processing? 6
26. What is online processing or real-time processing? 6
27. Who introduced Relational Database Model? 6
28. What are the front-end and back-end components of a database? 6
29. What are link tables? 6
30. What are the objects of Access Database? 7
31. What is the meaning of following field properties? Field Size, Format, Input Mask, Caption, Decimal Places, Default Value, Validation Rule, Validation Text, Required, Allow Zero Length, Indexed. 7
32. What is datasheet view? 8
33. What is a sub-form? 8
34. What do you mean by filter? 8
35. What is Lookup Field? 8
36. What are the three key components of relational database design? 8
37. Define entity: 8
38. What are attributes? 9
39. Define relationship. 9
40. How many relationships are possible between two tables or entities? 9
41. What is cardinality? 9
42. What do you understand by one-to-one relationship between two tables? 9
43. Clarify one-to-many relationship between two tables. 10
44. Define many-to-many relationship. 10
45. What is identifying relationship? 10
46. What are the advantages of normalizing database design? 10
47. What are the E.F. Codd’s normal forms? 11
48. How is “no nulls” constraint implemented for an attribute? 11
49. How is a “no changes” constraint implemented for an attribute? 11
50. How is a “no duplicates” constraint implemented for an attribute? 12
51. What are the different ways to add a table in Access database? 12
52. What do the following formatting symbols mean in Format properties of fields? <, >, @”NULL”, @”Not entered”, $ 14
53. What do you mean by default value for a field in Access table? 13
54. What is ‘Required’ property of a field? 13
55. What is ‘Input Mask’ field property? 14
56. What is the use of Validation Rule property of a field? 14
57. What is the use of Validation Text property of a field? 14
58. How can you import a table created in another database or other file formats? 15
59. How can you view the entire data of memo field? 15
60. What is the easiest way to define a relationship between two tables? 15
61. What do you understand by Referential Integrity in Relationships? 15
62. What is the effect of enabling ‘Cascade Delete Related Fields’ when defining relationship? 16
63. What is the effect of enabling ‘Cascade Update Related Fields’ when defining relationship? 16
64. What is a switchboard? 16
65. What is an AutoForm? 16
66. What are the three different forms of auto forms? 17
67. Each object on the form has its own property sheet. What are the different ways to evoke property sheet? 17
68. What is the form view? 17
69. What are controls? How to use them? Give examples for control. 17
70. What is the use of the form design window? 18
71. What are the ways to create a new form? 18
72. How can you show only selected records with a form? 18
73. What are the different useful tools available in Design Window to help you with your design work? 19
74. What is a Field List tool available in Design Window? 19
75. What is the difference between using a filter and a query to find records? 19
76. What are the different options that you can use to filter records? 20
77. How can you apply Filter For option to filter records based on a value of a field? 20
78. Explain Query. 20
79. What is Dynaset? 18
80. Explain Query Parameters. 21
81. For what an append query be used? 21
82. What is a crosstab query wizard? 21
83. What is an Auto Report? 21
84. What is the advantage of Report Wizard over an Auto Report? 22
85. Why Report Design View is important? 22
86. What is the use of Label Wizard? 22
87. What are the different auto reports available in Access? 22
88. What are the different sections of a report? 23
89. What is the difference between Print Preview and Layout Preview? 24
90. What are command buttons? How to use command buttons? 24
91. What is a macro? 23
92. What are some of the database object operations that a user must know? 23
93. What is a switchboard?

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