Computer Operator Exam Preparation Classes Growing More Necessary!

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Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) Exams are increasingly more competitive and harder to get through. The posts for Administration Services are beyond accessible unless you devote full time. Participants for Technical Posts are still a bit relaxed, but the clear indications point towards the nearest day its never going to be the same.

Every year, there has started thousands of computer students produced from higher secondary schools and a few hundreds BCA, B.Sc. IT students from colleges. The private sector is not yet reliable and secure to be proud of being employed. Everybody can’t afford foreign employment.

There are very few seats announced every year compared to the produced manpower. There were only two seats for computer officer the year before and no seats last year. This year PSC announced for two seats. Last year 7 vacancies were for computer operator and 15 seats this year. Last Wednesday, there is a vacancy announcement for 2 Assistant computer operator posts. Looking on this trend, its evident the demand for skilled manpower is far less than the supply schools and colleges are producing.

Just before 5-6 years, anybody who knows well how to type and is able to create letters were easily selected for the post. In every government office, the computer operators there, are not that skilled, nor they need to do the top challenging job. More than 90% computer operators are just ‘”Computer Typists”. They need to be replaced. And thus, more skilled computer professionals are required. PSC restructured its syllabus just a few years ago and again there is a need to update it soon.

Now, you need to fight harder to get a job in government offices. Now, its not sufficient to be able to type letters but should possess good command over the Office Applications along with database and web pages.

Are you still skilled average? I’m afraid you need to prepare better. Since a few years, there has started some preparation classes going on. You can find advertisements on daily newspapers. I found IT Park, Apex and some others too providing preparation classes. On one hand, these classes are helping the participants grow more competent and on other equally, they are growing competition too!

This year, there are around 35 students in IT Park Inc. preparing computer operator examination for 15 seats vacancy. A tough competition is inevitable among those 35 students who are equally efficient and well skilled, spare a large number outside. Every year the trend is going to increase. Get well prepared for fierce fight. Its survival of the fittest.

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  1. Dev says:

    Nice information, Thanks for sharing it.


  2. amberen says:

    As the younger generation becomes increasingly computer-proficient, it is inevitable that such tests will get harder. It is time to rise to the challenge and work to push the worldwide digital economy into new areas!


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