Computer Operator Class 1

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The training classes have already started and reached to Microsoft Windows after completing Fundamentals and MS DOS.

Today’s class dealt about some basic terminology and mouse actions.

Following are the things talked in class:


An icon is the graphical representation of a file, folder or application. We can open the object it represents by double clicking icon or perform different actions by right clicking on it.



Desktop is the workspace or working environment in windows. Windows, icons and other objects are placed on desktop and managed there.



A window is framed area in desktop. Microsoft Windows operating system presents everything – the file contents, folders and applications in window. A window that contains an application is application window. Similarly there are document window, folder window and some windows system windows.


A window consists of Title bar (Control Box, Title, Minimize, Maximize/Restore, Close button), Menu bar, Tool bars, Working area, Scroll Bara, Status bar. 


A bar usually at the bottom of Windows desktop that contain the icons of opened applications, a start button and system tray is known as taskbar.

Mouse and Mouse Actions

Mouse has a button to select and perform different action known as primary button. A mouse may have more than one button (modern mice have two or more button and a scroll wheel button). The second button on mouse that is used to open context menu or short cut menu is secondary button. Wheel can be used to scroll the window if it has vertical scroll bar.



Point is a mouse action. When you place the mouse pointer over an icon or object, it is called pointing the icon or object.


Click is the operation of pressing the primary mouse button once over an icon or any other object.

Double Click

Pressing the primary mouse button two times over an icon is known as double click or clicking an object two times is double click.

Triple Click

Clicking an object three times is called triple click. It might be rare but there some operations you can perform in some applications with triple click. For example triple click on a word in MS Word selects the paragraph.


Drag is to point to an object, press primary mouse button and move mouse without releasing mouse button. Drag action is performed to move objects, draw, copy objects and so on.


To release mouse button when you are dragging is known as drop.

Context Menu or Popup Menu

Microsoft Windows and Windows based applications use context menu or popup menu or shortcut menu to perform many actions easily. This menu is produced when you press right mouse button (secondary button). The options on menu are displayed based upon which object you right clicked and on which context the right button is clicked. So it is named context menu.

Context Menu on Start Button

right clic start

Context Menu on Desktop


Context Menu on Taskbar


Context Menu on System Tray


Context Menu on Title Bar


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  1. Yagyashwar Oli says:

    Great Starting Please Continue This till Operator exam..


  2. Tony says:

    Much of this seems basic but there are more unaware than one might think. This is a great beginner tool as well so thanks for sharing.


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