Class Notes on C Programming Language

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Today, I am talking abut Ram Hari Regmi’s website where he has published seven class notes on C programming language ranging from Introduction up to the Structures and Unions.

Click Here to go to his website. The website is divided into four sections, Photos, Projects, Notes and Contact. On Photos, there are his personal photographs and the same page appears on Projects too. What concerns us here is only Notes. There is a link called ‘C Programming’ which presents the links to download the pdf files of C Programming language.

The notes are written by Bibha Sthapit of Thapathali Campus. I found the notes pretty concise and suitable for Higher Secondary classes up to Bachelors of Computer Applications.

Following are the links to download those pdf files from Ram Hari Regmi’s Website:

1. Introduction to C

2. Fundamentals of C

3. Input output statements

4. Control statements

5. Arrays

6. Functions

7. Structure and Union

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14 Responses to “Class Notes on C Programming Language”

  1. Kamaljeet says:

    i havent receivd any mail ,please mail me that ebook on operating system


  2. Kamaljeet says:

    I havnt find any mail from u.when will u send ebook to my mail id.


  3. rajmeej poudel
    Twitter: rajmeej

    pdf files from Ram Hari Regmi’s Website are error
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  4. Rashid Akram says:

    Such kind of mcqs type website i have n’t onlined before it helps us any kind of computer exams.


  5. Karn
    Twitter: karnevans

    Nice post on c programming. This will come in handy as I am looking for some reliable resources on c programming to get started, big thanks!
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  6. pankaj says:

    i think notes on introduction of c programming ,arrays ,functions are detailed good and quite informative.they cover most of the possible topics.simple language and easily understandable.but u canimprove the notes on input output functions by increasing the number of input and output fuctions and giving more detail.there is also scope of improvement i c union.


  7. c class notes great!
    Can i get those for me?
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  8. tarun madraal says:

    very good notes.
    I like it
    Have fun


  9. wills
    Twitter: Funkf00t

    Great Post.
    Some might snear, but the ‘for dummies’ series on C’ is a useful reference guide if one is stuck.

    Good luck


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  11. SKGT says:

    This is one great lead for people trying to understand C programming language. Keep the great job up, man!


  12. Sharon says:

    Very interesting post – Where can I find more info in this?


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